1. IvarTactical66

    Preban Saiga AK-103 chambered in 7.62x39

    A beautiful AK with chery red wood furniture, a cheese grater gas block and a 74 style muzzle device. Comes with a soviet sling, 2 mags and 1 drum mag
  2. S

    Springfield M1a Bullpup

    Springfield M1a in a Juggernaught bullpup chassis. Attached is a 3.5-10x Barsaka SWAT model scope. Has a USCG muzzle brake. Comes with 3 10rd mags.
  3. U

    WTB Mini Draco / NAK9 / Pak9

    Looking for a mini Draco, century Nak9 or Charles Daly pak9. Non US made. Let me know how much you want or if you’re looking for anything in trade. Id prefer to do everything local but will consider having one shipped to my local ffl.
  4. philtbn

    UNFIRED Wyndham Weaponry 7.62x39 AR!!

    I have an unfired Wyndham Weaponry AR M-4 configuration rifle for sale as a consignment. The box was damaged, so it is in a used hard case. Comes with one magazine, all the paperwork and of course, Wyndham Weaponry unlimited warranty! Local buyers in Northern Arizona will get 100 rounds of...
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