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  1. A

    AKM 7.62x39 Zastava OPAP Serbian

    For Sale Zastava OPAP M70 AKM/AK-47. $1200. Built in Serbia at the Zastava factory and imported by Century Arms. I am the original owner. The M70 OPAP is no longer imported. It is an excellent rifle. The OPAP has a 1.5 mm thick receiver and is exceptionally strong. This rifle shoots very...
  2. Distraido

    Gen5 Glock 19 for AK47

    I have a couple Glocks and I'm wanting to trade one new Glock 19 gen 5 for an AK47. Folding stock version on PSA would be nice. Also interested in 308 caliber rifles or magnum caliber rifles.
  3. mfbill

    Custom Norinco SKS $650

    Factory /26\ Chinese SKS. Can never be for sure on the date with these rifles, but it ought to have been produced around 1971. Stock has been leeched of all cosmoline, stripped, bleached, torched, and refinished, then BLO treated. Very cool finish. It features a Tapco gas tube that has been...