1. Vaporzz

    Bruno's Ammo & Reloading Store Phx

    Went to Bruno's today after work, I absolutely love this store, it's just 20 minutes from my place and they got everything well just about everything, service is absolutely great they greet you when you come in they ask you if you need help and they are very knowledgeable you got to love these...
  2. W

    .243 or .308 for deer & reloading ?

    I have sold my .22 lr rifle and am looking at gettin either a .243 or .308 winchester rifle for hunting ... primarily for deer ... but I also want to do some reloading .. and am wondering if I should go with a .308 winchester caliber or a .243 caliber rifle ? Either caliber should work okay...
  3. badbob85037

    Reloading Steel

    Any body have to buy any .308 brass lately. It ain't cheap and if it is it's probably not worth it. There are a few ways on Youtube but a lot of them seem pretty shaby. There is one that has proved to me to work. You'll need a primer pocket swaging die Not 'super glue'. That is a hint on which...