A bullpup is a firearm with its action behind the trigger. This creates shorter weapons in comparison to rifles with the same size of gun barrel. This means the advantages of a longer barrel such as muzzle velocity and accuracy are retained while reducing the overall size and weight of the weapon.
The bullpup concept was first tested in 1901 with the British-made Thorneycroft carbine. But it was not until the Cold War that more successful designs and improvements made the weapon successful. In the 1970s, Austria became the first army in the world to adopt a bullpup rifle as a principal combat weapon. Since then the military in many countries have followed suit, such as Australia, China, India, Israel, France and the UK.

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  1. rdb241

    WTS......9mm conversion for the IWI Tavor bullpup rifle, brand new

    "SOLD" What the title says. It has never been out of the plastic wrap. Perfect condition. asking $650.00 + shipping.
  2. S

    Springfield M1a Bullpup

    Springfield M1a in a Juggernaught bullpup chassis. Attached is a 3.5-10x Barsaka SWAT model scope. Has a USCG muzzle brake. Comes with 3 10rd mags.
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