1. RedX Gear

    1000rd case of Sellier & Bellot 115gr FMJ - $675.00 - Several cases in stock!

    1000rd Case (20 boxes of 50) - Sellier & Bellot 9mm 115gr FMJ. New stock ammunition. Limited quantity. Available for pick up in our Prescott Valley store (RedX Armory - 2500 N. 5th St Ste.1 , Prescott Valley 86314) or we can ship it to you for actual shipping cost plus $10 handling fee. AZ...
  2. B

    44-40 ammunition

    I have ~600 rounds of 44-40 ammunition that was reloaded from new or once fired brass. The load is 205gr Meister Lead Flat Point backed by 8.0gr of Unique Powder. These are relatively light loads intended for Cowboy Action shooting and are suitable for both rifle and pistols. I am asking $.25 a...
  3. DB is Here

  4. philtbn

    458 Socom brass wanted

    I am looking for once fired (or good condition at least) 458 Socom brass. It costs 55 cents new in bulk, so I would like to stay at 25 to 30 cents per casing. Thank you! Phil Prescott Valley AZ. 928-237-0073
  5. philtbn

    Ammunition manufacturer in Prescott Valley AZ!

    I am a class 07 FFL manufacturer and dealer who also manufactures ammunition in many popular calibers. If you have collected brass, bring it, as that will allow me to keep my prices down. I...DO...NOT...COMPROMISE...ON...QUALITY... I will stack my ammunition against anyone's, new or reman...
  6. LVgundude

    5.56 Armscor 55grain FMJ ammo BALL, M193

    5.56 Armscor 55grain FMJ ammo BALL, M193, for AR-15 Rifles. NEW brass, not reloaded! Great ammo and im selling some of my excess supply in 500 round increments for $180.00 per 500 rounds. Need more than 500 rounds? Make me an offer! Email questions to Richard at: I'll...
  7. Joe Link

    National  Americans spent an estimated $17 billion on ammunition while Obama was president

    Analysis | Americans spent an estimated $17 billion on ammunition while Obama was president
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