1. D

    Custom built bcm 14.5 only 1,700 rounds

    Custom built bcm 14.5 Round count :1,700 Age: almost 3 months Upper: Bcm 14.5 enhanced light weight barrel 13” m lok rails Bcm bcg Bcm large ambi grip Surefire Warcomp Noveske buis Lower: Noveske lower Geissele SD-E trigger Magpul grip (or bcm mod 3) Sopmod B5 stock Email me at...
  2. B

    1911 custom grips

    Walnut and Ebony 1911 grips. If your a Veteran,,Your gonna love this. The Pictures speak for them selves. Grips run from 25 to 39.00..Please call 928 713 6184.
  3. Wess13

    Beretta 1951 & Helwan - The problems are fixed!

    Good day Fellow gun owners, I'm Wess and I'm a gun parts designer from The Netherlands ( You know ...Amsterdam ) and I specialize in hard to find.. basically unicorn parts. My first successful project is the locking block for the Beretta 1951 & Helwan line of pistols. It has taken me 2 years to...
  4. bentline

    Custom Laser Stippling and Frame Modifications for Glocks

    I can offer full laser customization's to any Glock handgun. Frame stippling packages include; disassembly, sanding factory texture, laser stippling both sides on the grips and index points. All Black Models - $140 (includes both grip sides and front index points. FDE / 19X - 50% Up-charge for...
  5. D

    I know Joey

    Yeah im kind of a big deal, i even shot his sweet dolla dolla bills hipoint yo