1. Donman

    30-06, 223/556, 9mm, 45ACP, and 380 brass and steel reloadable shells for sale!

    Selling reloadable brass and steel shell casings! 1. .30-06 brass shells 610 total: $50.00 2. .223/5.56mm brass/steel shells 360 total: $45.00 3. 9mm luger brass shells 1,650 total: $100.00 4. .45 Auto brass shells 1,420 total: $100.00 5. .380 auto brass shells 400 total: $50.00...
  2. B

    WTT 9mm FMJ for .380 FMJ

    Want to trade 9mm FMJ for .380 FMJ. One for one.
  3. D

    WTT Kel-tec p3at .380 for 9mm

    WTT my Kel Tec .380 comes with original case holster and 300 rounds for a 9 mm we'll also throw in cash.
  4. R

    Interarms Walther PPK/S West German .380

    No longer for sale
  5. R

    Remington UMC 380 Automatic 95 GR. FMJ Ammo

    I'm selling several boxes of 380 ammunition. You can buy one box or all of it at a discount. I'm located in west Summerlin. Prices: (2) Boxes of Hornady 380 Auto 90 gr XTP (25 rounds per box) - $25 per box (2) Boxes of Hornady 380 Auto 90 gr FTX (25 rounds per box) - $25 per box (3) Boxes of...
  6. R

    Ruger LCP Custom

    I'm selling a like new Ruger LCP Custom. I purchased this for my wife, but she's not interested in it. Less than 50 rounds through it. Excellent, like new condition. No issues with it whatsoever. Comes with original box, soft case, manual, etc. Includes 3 magazines and of course the gun...
  7. Gsallen1168

    Bersa thunder .380 w/ crimson trace for sale

    I have a brand new never fired Versace thunder .380 with the crimson trace laser on it. I am looking to sell it, I bought it and do not like the laser set up on it. I wanted the standard one without. I am looking to get $350 cash.
  8. 1

    Brand New Springfield 911 /w 5 Magazines .380

    We are a home-based dealer in San Tan Valley AZ so all ATF rules apply. Buyer must be at least 21 years old, have AZ ID (with current address) and pass a background check. This is a brand new Springfield 911 /w 5 magazines. CALIBER: .380 ACP RECOIL SYSTEM: Full Length Guide Rod w/ Flat...
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