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    Remington UMC 380 Automatic 95 GR. FMJ Ammo

    I'm selling several boxes of 380 ammunition. You can buy one box or all of it at a discount. I'm located in west Summerlin. Prices: (2) Boxes of Hornady 380 Auto 90 gr XTP (25 rounds per box) - $25 per box (2) Boxes of Hornady 380 Auto 90 gr FTX (25 rounds per box) - $25 per box (3) Boxes of...
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    Ruger LCP Custom

    I'm selling a like new Ruger LCP Custom. I purchased this for my wife, but she's not interested in it. Less than 50 rounds through it. Excellent, like new condition. No issues with it whatsoever. Comes with original box, soft case, manual, etc. Includes 3 magazines and of course the gun...
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    Wanted Beretta model 86 Cheetah

    Model 86 Beretta 380 tip up barrel 8 round pistol. An reasonable price paid for the right one. I'm looking for an every day carry for my wife. She doesn't like the recoil of my Colt Combat Commander 45 ACP and doesn't have the hand strength to cycle a Beretta Model 81 in 32 ACP.
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