crimson trace

  1. brianhassler

    Glock 42 with Crimson Trace red laser3

    For sale Glock 42 with Crimson Trace red laser3 asking price is $420
  2. M

    Crimson Trace Laser Grips

    Crimson Trace Laser Grips $130 each - shipped Springfield XD (M) Full Size Frames Only LG-487S 3.8/4.5/5.25 Ruger LCR 357 & 22 LG411HS Glock Full Size LG617S 17/17L/22/24/31/34/35/37/20SF/21SF Glock Sub-compact LG626S 26/27/28/33/39 Glock Compact LG619S 19/23/25/32/38 Taurus TCP...
  3. Gsallen1168

    Bersa thunder .380 w/ crimson trace for sale

    I have a brand new never fired Versace thunder .380 with the crimson trace laser on it. I am looking to sell it, I bought it and do not like the laser set up on it. I wanted the standard one without. I am looking to get $350 cash.
  4. S

    Kahr CW9

    I’m selling my Kahr CW9, only shot about 500 rounds through it, still looks brand new. Great CCW/pocket gun. The gun comes with four 7 round mags, a crimson trace LG-437 red laser installed, a kinetic concealment hybrid holster (made for CT), a sticky holster (also made for CT), and the original...
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