1. R

    Sig p226 legion. .40 cal. For trade

    P226 leigon for sale or trade. Make me an offer! Only fired 50 rounds. Nice pistol. Will trade for 9mm rifle or ar15
  2. Jacob

    Looking to buy good 9mm ammo.

    Both target/training and defensive rounds. For use in a Sig p229 legion. I'm located in downtown Las Vegas. If anyone has any feel free to contact me with price and how many. Thanks!!
  3. Jacob


    Hey guys this is my first time posting, first time dealing with any FFL transfers and my first time actually BUYING a handgun. I recently bought a SIG p229 Legion RX from a gun store in TX. I had it shipped to a local Gun store in Las Vegas, NV. They recieved it 2 days ago and I lost my ID 4...
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