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WTBS-LD, virtual and VHF digital channel 6, is a low-powered television station licensed to Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The station has been owned by Prism Broadcasting since 1991. The station's transmitter and antenna are located in downtown Atlanta atop the American Tower Site located at 315 Chester Avenue, Atlanta.
The original WTBS-LD, virtual channel 26 (UHF digital channel 30), was a low-powered Estrella TV-affiliated television station also licensed to Atlanta. The station, which broadcast six subchannels, was a digital satellite of the current WTBS-LD, then known as WTBS-LP.
The digital transmitter, which signed on in early January 2011, was, with its sister station WANN-CD, located just northeast of the city on one of the two large towers on Briarcliff Road, at the same site along with Independent station WPCH-TV (channel 17), Univision affiliate WUVG-DT (channel 34), CBS affiliate WGCL-TV (channel 46), TBN affiliate WHSG-TV (channel 63), and several other stations.
The original WTBS-LD's license was cancelled by the Federal Communications Commission on March 17, 2021.

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