Whats the best way to get rid of badly made/stale ammo?

Got a bunch of handmade 223 ammo made by a prepper some years ago. It appears to be stale, not one has fired correctly.

I dont want it just laying around. I dont load my own and dont have the equipment. I live between Tucson and old Mexico.

If there's anyone in the rea who is interested in a few hundred rounds of this stuff, let me know. We could set a place date and time to meet.

I think a private message would be best.
Get your self one of those toy hammers made of plastic and drill a long hole the size of the shoulder of the case. Don't drill it all the way through leaving room for bullet and powder. Insert the round in the hole, bullet first, and secure the round. Use the force of the hammer and pound the bullet from the case.


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