Show your knives!

Just remembered this thread... I was wrong (first time this year, LOL!) it wasn’t a Cold Steel tanto...

I’ve had this SOG Tsunami tanto fighting knife since about the late 90’s... it’s amazing, and sharp enough to shave with. This is the knife I wish I had in my kit back in the late 80’s and early 90’s!

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SO, naturally when I want one they have quit making them! Nice, real nice pig-sticker... looks like a real handy little blade!


What happens when you are old your toy collection ends up bigger than your needs. All of the ones posted here are items I have carried OCONUS. All except the Randel in the top photo, the tomahawk, and Cold Steel Kuckuri in the middle photo were bought by me. In the lower photo, the Gerber was the first knife ever issued in 1974, outside of a bayonet, and the other two were symbols of the units I worked in that I purchased.

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Blades 003.jpg

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