Show your knives!

Many of us gun folk also have an affinity for sharp pointy things.
Post some pics here.

Here's a few of mine, nothing particularly exotic or special.

This is one of my favorites, a Blacksmith's knife made from a file from Iron Ranch Outdoors.

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I have a few worn out flat bastige files that I’ve thought about pounding/grinding into knives...

I’m partial to tanto blades and karambits (I call ‘em Harpie claws)... I can skin your arse raw with the Harpie claw shown in the photo.

(My typical daily carry options)
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Karambits are starting to interest me, I'm going to have to take a look at them.

You’d be amazed at how absolutely devastating they can be close in if you ever have to grapple with someone.... we’re talking instant cut tendons, grievous lacerations to the bone, “enhancing” someone’s “Vulcan hand greeting” that ends at their wrist bone, all with mainly just your wrist manipulations.... fillet o’ bad guy, man!



I'm really liking the Krambit blades, sort of the reverse of my favorite skinner, also an exceptionally nasty knife for fighting due to it's long deeply swept back blade! We used serrated hybrid Krambits in the Air Force for rescue and medical work, they are an extremely effective tool for many jobs, and I would NOT want to square off with anyone so armed! Still need to find a good one to add to my collection, my old Spider-co, just isn't up to the task!
I really only have a couple of knives. Some made in Pakistan, some others, an authentic Buckmaster 184 alongside a knockoff version, my Rambo First Blood replica, along with a few Kershaws, a couple of SOGs, a Gerbor Gator, a Spyderco, some Damsacus steel thing, and a Benchmade Bali-Song butterfly. Yeah, just a couple of knives. Forgot about my Magnum Research Desert Eagle knives (they use 1911 grips for handles). Oh, and there are several more in a box somewhere...

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Been a knife-guy since my Dad gave me a pocket knife at age 7.. {"Well, you know, Phyll, if he cuts himself it will only happen once and he needs to learn sometime"} and have and have had more than I can count or even remember. Other than a big rock or sharp stick, the knife is the oldest human invention, probably. Grew up in a time/place where a boy carrying a pocket knife to school was nothing to raise an eye-brow.. teachers working on something might sometime ask the class "Anyone have a pocket knife?" and 3/4ths of the male hands would raise...


I guess I'll post a semi-orphan, a Gerber "San Francisco Shiv" by Blackie Collins.
They've become pretty scarce, I had to buy this one used. The only new one I could find wouldn't ship.

20200801_142541.jpg 20200801_142454.jpg 20200801_142415.jpg
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