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Hunting vs Tactical Knives

Hi guys,
What are the main advantages/disadvantages and uses of a hunting knife vs tactical knife when it comes to civilian applications (hunting etc).
There seems to be a lot of interest in tactical knives for non-military people, but I never understood why. Are not companies simply marketing them as hunting knives if civilians use them for hunting?
Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm trying to learn before I go out and buy stuff.
Speaking only for myself here...
Its more of how I use the knife , versus what the knife is called or marketed as.

I have used my Blackjack model 5 which I carried while in the Army as a field knife and on four combat deployments...
It has also been used as a hunting , kitchen and camp knife , now that I am out of the Army...
So just what is this knife...?
A "tactical knife " or a "hunting knife"...?

My answer , to borrow a phrase from "Crocodile Dundee" : Now this is a knife....

As for advantages I like how this knife is made and the materials used in its construction...the blade length and shape lend itself to how I cut , chop , slice or otherwise use this knife...
Plus actually having had to use this knife when the SHTF...I know that it works .
But other folks may not like any of the above in my knife....

A knife is a knife...no more , no less , if you use it "tactically" , then its a "tactical knife"...if used for hunting its a hunting knife.
Use what you want and what works for you....
For point of reference for my first post here is my Blackjack model 5...
5 1/2 inch carbon steel blade and a stacked leather handle.

Some other knives that I use quite often....three of which are around 100 odd years old...the knives not the scabbards...

Any of the above can be "tactical" or for hunting depending on the usage...
I still use the Original "Tactical" knife, designed by one Jim Bowie all those years ago, and I use Hybrids of that design!
No one ever told Jim that his knives were Tactical, to him they were a working solution to his needs!
The type of knife doesn't really mean much, more its use then anything else! A Hunting knife is usually a larger fixed blade with a hand guard to keep from slicing your self. Most fighting knives are themselves Hybrids of hunting knives!
There are hundreds of different knives based on need, and literally millions of designs based on those, so it's all in what you the user decide you need!
Here is my all time favorite all purpose Bowie!


Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Dixie Center
1835 S Convention Center Dr, St. George, UT 84790, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Arizona State Fairgrounds
1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA
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Pima County Fair
11300 S Houghton Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747, USA



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