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Hardcast Lead Bullets, Buckshot, Slugs for Reloading

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32cal .314 115gr SWC-Gas Check 250/box $30.90
9mm .356 124gr Truncated Cone 500/box $36.40
38cal .358 158gr Semi Wadcutter 500/box $39.90
38cal . .358 158gr SWC-GC 250/box $32.90
38/9mm .358 210gr RF-Gas Check 250/box $36.90
40/10mm .401 175gr Semi Wadcutter 500/box $41.90
44cal .429 210gr Round Nose, Flat Point 500/box $50.85
44cal .430 240gr Semi Wadcutter 500/box $55.35
44cal .430 240gr SWC-Gas Check 250/box $39.40
44cal .430 310gr RNFP-Gas Check 250/box $43.90
45cal .452 200gr Semi Wadcutter 500/box $51.35
45cal .452 230gr Round Nose 500/box $53.85
45cal .452 255gr RF 250/box $30.90
45cal .454 300gr RF-Gas Check 250/box $42.40
0B, 00B, 000B, 0000B hardcast lead 5lb/box $28.80
#4B, #2B, #1B hardcast lead 5lb/box $33.90
12Ga 7/8oz or 1oz Lee Slug 50/box $33.40
.600 Round Ball, hardcast or 100% lead 50/box $23.90
.715 Round Ball, 100% lead 50/box $26.40

Hard cast – 3% Antimony/97% Lead ~12BNH for bullets and buckshot
All bullets are Alox tumble lubed except when bare bullet is requested.
An economical choice for hunters, target shooters and Cowboy Action Shooters.

**Not loaded ammunition**
See my website for more information: www.robsbullets.com

356 124gr 1.jpg 452 230gr 1.jpg buck slug roundball composite.jpg 430 240 SWCGC2.jpg
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