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Svi marš na ples! (meaning in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian: Everybody dance now!) is a compilation album released by Jugoton in 1980 in SFR Yugoslavia.
The compilation features various pop and rock artists, mostly from the local new wave scene. At the time of their appearance on this compilation, all of the tracks have already been released on their respective bands' studio albums by the same label. Additionally, all of the bands that appear on it already achieved considerable notability and prominence. Therefore, unlike some previous Jugoton's various artists compilations that tried to affirm and highlight different up-and-coming groups, this one had a strictly commercial character.
The compilation's title is a line from the chorus of the ska song "Ha, ha, ha" by Bijelo dugme from their album Doživjeti stotu. It included the new wave groups: Šarlo akrobata with their reggae song "Ona se budi"; Idoli with their gay-themed "Retko te viđam sa devojkama"; Film with their anthem "Zamisli život u ritmu muzike za ples"; the punk rock legends Pekinška patka; Haustor with their famous reggae song "Moja prva ljubav"; Električni orgazam with a track from their initial punk phase; Azra with "Poziv na ples"; the group Zana with the classic rocknroll-inspired track "Pepito pantalone"; the band Bulevar, which featured Dejan Cukić with the song "Nestašni dečaci" written by Momčilo Bajagić- Bajaga, and others. It was rereleased on CD by Hi-Fi Centar with several bonus tracks.The record sleeve design by Mirko Ilić features punk rock, new wave, 2 Tone and mod revival iconography.

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