1. 0

    Springfield 1911 Range Officer

    I have a Springfield 1911 Range Officer chambered in 9mm. First $850 OBO takes it! No Low Ballers. The only and I mean only possible Trade is a Glock 19 Gen 5.
  2. Jager

    1911 Commander and Glock 26/27 Holsters - Magazine carriers

    Various holsters and magazine carriers. $30 - Galco double stack magazine carrier up to 1.75" belt $30 - Galco single stack magazine carrier up to 1.75" belt $30 - Dillon double stack magazine carrier (black) up to 1.5" belt $75 - High Noon Slide Guard - 1911 Commander (A) The Slide Guard...
  3. J

    Dan Wesson Vigil 1911 in 9mm Suppressor ready(4802045320)

    Dan Wesson Vigil Suppressor ready variant 1911 in 9mm like new in box with night sights 5 mags and a holster
  4. R

    1911 Crimson Trace Laser Grips

    Like New CrimsonTrace Compact LG404 Red Laser dot Fits Kimber 1911 Compact $150.00 firm
  5. DrewC

    1911 crimson tracer laser red

    sold In great condition I will not take less this is over 300 online
  6. T

    WTS 1911 grips for Kimber Super Carry

    kimber Super carry / S&W round butt profile VZ grips in zebra ( black & white). $35
  7. 1971Chevelle

    Iver Johnson Zombie 1911

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of this pistol and the company that makes it. I like the way it looks - I've just never heard of the manufacturer before. Are they decent?? Better than Rock Island (I had a Rock Island 1911 before and wasn't too impressed with it). Let me know what you...
  8. B

    1911 custom grips

    Walnut and Ebony 1911 grips. If your a Veteran,,Your gonna love this. The Pictures speak for them selves. Grips run from 25 to 39.00..Please call 928 713 6184.
  9. C

    Wilson Combat 1911 45acp

    Like new Wilson combat CQB 1911 6238891084
  10. B


    I have no idea of round count. Shoots very well, No issues,,Accepts 1911 Magazines, Very smooth shooter. Finish is about 85% Price is $450.00. My number is 928 713 6184
  11. 1971Chevelle

    1911 Magazine Issue...

    I took my Desert Eagle 1911 to the range this morning. On the third or fourth magazine insertion, the slide stopped and would not move forward. When I looked into the breach, the first round went straight into the feed ramp and stopped. I could not eject the magazine until I used a...
  12. 1971Chevelle

    Kimber Ultra Carry 1911...

    I have my Sig Sauer P365 up for trade. Someone is interested and they have a Kimber Ultra Carry II 1911 (3"). This is the model that has a stainless slide, and an aluminum frame. Does anyone have any experience with one of these?? Is the aluminum frame going to be an issue?? I would prefer...
  13. Steven Bressan

    ATI did a great job on my GSG 1911 22

    Last time out practicing I couldn't force a magazine into my 1911 22. I took it down to bare frame to figure it out but couldn't. I called ATI (American Tactical Inc. to get an RA # to send it back. I had made a few modifications and thought I took them all out before sending it back but I...
  14. W

    Springfield 1911 Champion 45

    Selling my champion. Used it for ccw daily. Some holster wear. Great accurate gun and affordable. First 550 takes it!
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