45 acp

  1. B

    45 ACP Ammo for Trade

    Want to trade some Federal FMJ (150 rds), Federal HST (150 rds), Hornady Critical Duty (100 rds) and Speer Gold Dot (150 rds), all in 45 ACP. Will trade equivalency for: -300 Blackout, 110g-135g HP, brass, first run premium commercial -223 or 5.56, 55g-77g HP or OTM, brass, first run premium...
  2. Aim4x

    Dillon Carbide 45 ACP Dies

    For sale Dylan 45ACP carbide dies $60
  3. W

    Kimber Custom II 45 1911

    Letting go of My Kimber Custom II. They Re out of stock for the most part great 1911 45. Very few rounds through her upgrades grips and mag extenders. Has spare grips and two mags. Some holster wear. Was my daily ccw gun. Text 480five285669
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