45 acp

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    Federal Hydra Shok 45 ACP, Federal 32 S&W Long, 32 ACP and Hornady 357 140 Grain Leverolution

    45 ACP Gone Hornady 357 Mag 140 Gr FTX Leverolution, 6 boxes factory ammo. Two boxes brass and a box of 98 bullets. $15.00 a box for the ammo or $100.00 for all of 6 boxes including the brass and bullets. $25.00 for the brass and bullets separately. (The FTX requires a shorter case than the...
  2. Jager

    45 ACP 230 Grain Precision Delta Bullets

    $100 - Precision Delta Bullets 45 ACP 230 Grain 500 count - in a coffee can. These are projectiles; not loaded ammunition. $24.95/100 from Precision Delta + shipping - or these. FTF only. Pick up Signal Butte and 60.
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    Kimber Custom II 45 1911

    Letting go of My Kimber Custom II. They Re out of stock for the most part great 1911 45. Very few rounds through her upgrades grips and mag extenders. Has spare grips and two mags. Some holster wear. Was my daily ccw gun. Text 480five285669
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