Scope mounting on a Ruger 10/22 - How is yours mounted and adjusted?

I'll be honest, I don't know much about scopes, mounts, rings, etc. I want to make sure my scope is mounted properly before the Appleseed class this weekend. Right now I have a Simmons 3x9-32mm, Leupold medium height rings, and the OEM weaver base. It seems alright mounted how it is with the turrets centered between the scope rings, but I've heard you should try to get the back of the scope as close to the back of the trigger guard as possible for proper eye relief. Any thoughts?

I'm aware that this is a very old post but I know Joe wants us to contribute to this forum. I'm normally on and joined here for the local classifieds as I enjoy Portland and Tucson. It's a Yin/Yang thing.

For any rifle scope mounting situation, the key thing is the scope's eye relief. If you mount the scope too far from your eye, you won't get an optimal scope picture.

I also put a Simmons on my 10/22 and used rings that grab the built in rail on top. It works though I probably will explore a better scope with more generous eye relief. I use this 10/22 with my grown kids and they have better eyes than I do.

For 22LRs, another key scope feature is an adjustable objective. 22 LR ranges can be quite close so you want something that can be focused in close as well as further out. Fixed objectives aka non adjustable tend to be focused at 150 yards though check with your particular manufacturer.

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I have rings that are high enough to allow use of the iron sights as well. Granted you have to get a lot lower with the stock but it works. Good for those twilight shots.


With the 10-22, the barrel is not hard mounted to the receiver the only way to get solid long-range accuracy is to get a scope mount on the barrel. This is my Old (1980s) 10-22 with the cantilever mount on the barrel for NRL22 Matches. What you have will be good for Appleseed at 25 yards.

10 22 match.jpg
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