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    Consider a 62-grain FMJ bullet with a ballistic coefficient of 0.274, a muzzle velocity of 2977 fps and the bullet hitting a paper target three inches high at 100 yards while the scope is held on the bullseye. The shooting will take place at 4200 ASL and conditions are perfect with no wind and humidity of 10 percent. How far will the bullet travel before it intersects the line of sight through the scope? This would seem to be a simple ballistics question, but the website I've seen just shows me where the bullet would be at various distances if I have made the bullet hit the bullseye at 100, 200 or whatever yardage I choose. I want to hit above the bullseye at a close-in range and see where the bullet will hit so I can hold dead-on at let us say 600 yards. Thanks for your help.

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