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Okay, so I must ask...

I actually have a dedicated optic and light for each rifle that I own, same with pistols. Now I am no peasant but with the same token I am not made of money either.

Is this actually normal to multipurpose the same end items and I'm being a prude or am I seeing too much of a sample size of a tightwad in action? Both?

I just find it odd that some people take the same optic and light and use it for other rifles. I can understand sharing the lights kind of. But the optics too?? That's going to be a lot of re-zero, I ain't got the time or the sanity to commit myself to that madness.
I concur I trade lights around with no problems, optics not very often as I don't trust the zero unless I shoot them, except on the HK claw mounts. On the work weapons once the optics are zeroed Nothing changes except log entries and ammo.
when we were building ars a lot of them i had an old tasco straight 4 power scope.i put that scope on every one to check acc and funtion they were allways within an inch or 2 and most were nearly spot on.but all were just a few clicks from zero.its really not an issue switching scopes between them.
I'd agree that some stuff can be interchangeable. Lights, slings and other GENERAL stuff are certainly interchangeable because there's no POA or other critical measurement. But anything requiring specific aim points are very different. Not just optics, but i'd also include lasers, if used. They also require adjustment based on location on a weapon, required target range, or any number of variables. Even color of the laser is often varied depending on specific use (red, green and blue each have different suggested uses).


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