Source for Black Powder

I may have answered my own question on where to buy black powder so I'll offer up a source I have used in the past when I was an active competitor in the BPCR game. When shooting long range black powder cartridge rifle in the nineties, I used to go through a lot of Goex cartridge grade powder and bought most of it from in Idaho. I would buy it by the case from them in Raton, NM at the NRA National Matches.

While purchasing some other items from them recently, I notice that they are still suppling black powder and will ship anywhere in the U.S.. The prices aren't too bad considering the hazmat fees and such. Minimum order is 5lbs mix and match and max order is 25lbs. Shipping to Havasu is about $48 for five 1 pound cans and prices run about $19.50 for Goex to $20 for Swiss. Shipping is via FedEx ground.

I have done a lot of business with these folks over the years and can heartily recommend them.


1,599 up in Springfield Oregon sells in bulk, reasonable prices, and good fresh powders in bulk! Swiss was around $22 per pound, and Hodgdons 777 gold and silver run around $18 per can, Goex FFg is also right there, might give them a shout out, see if shipping is cheaper! These guys are a Holy Black Super store, if they don't have it, you don't need it! ;)


Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Arizona State Fairgrounds
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Reno Convention Center
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Crossroads of the West Gun Show
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