1. 1971Chevelle

    Thompson Center .45 Caliber Black Powder Barrel

    If this ad is still up, then the item is still available. Please do not waste my time asking if it is - just tell me that you want to look at it and when you are available. And check your junkmail/spam folder. I can not count the number of times I respond to people and never hear from them...
  2. Davey

    Source for Black Powder

    I may have answered my own question on where to buy black powder so I'll offer up a source I have used in the past when I was an active competitor in the BPCR game. When shooting long range black powder cartridge rifle in the nineties, I used to go through a lot of Goex cartridge grade powder...
  3. Havasutom

    WTB OEM SIG SAUER 556 30 round black polymer magazine

    Want to buy a Sig Sauer OEM 556 black polymer 30 round magazine
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