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Arizona PD: Girl accidentally shot by dad cleaning shotgun in Glendale

This guy is unbelievable. Loaded pistols and long guns unsecured around the house. All accidents waiting to happen.
I'm truly sorry for the little girl. I pray she survives and will be able to lead a normal life.

DB Wesner

Staff Member
I get the desire to use the words you feel helps express what your saying, but the filter is there to keep this site family friendly, so lets refrain from attempting to get around the filter per forum rules that we all agreed too when we joined here. Thank you Gentlemen.
Remember when you learned gun safety at age 13 with an NRA safety course at your jr. high school? This type of loose cannon is what makes these anti-Second Amendment fools and tyrants get all uppity. The part he said ""My family, we're already penny-pinching everything," He had a shotgun loaded in the closet, a loaded .357 on the table and the new shotgun he shot her with. The 6 year old should have been teaching him gun safety. Sorry I can't feel sorry for some Gun Gubber with an IQ matching his hat size. The tyrants and their horde of useful idiots will make dad their next poster boy.


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