Need Help With Rifle Identification...

Nothing irks me more than manufacturers (of any kind of product) who don't put model numbers on their items. I need assistance to positively identify a rifle. I thought is was just a .300 Weatherby Magnum, but it is marked Winchester (it is chambered in .300 Weatherby Magnum). Please look at the pictures and tell me if this is a Winchester Model 70. Thanks in advance.

Winchester 300 Weatherby 1.jpg

Winchester 300 Weatherby 2.jpg


That's what it looks like to me......
Yeah; the sweep of the bolt handle gives it away. The ball is round, too. Definitely not a Remington; no recoil lug. Not a Savage, but it is a good find if you're thinkin' about buying it...

Attached is my dad's Model 70 from 1946. Notice the sweep of the bolt handle. Looks just like the one above. Notice the shape of the wrist. Looks just like the one above. Click on the image to make it big.

Model 70.JPG
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