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National Marco Rubio is sponsoring a "guilty until proven innocent" gun grab bill.

Sad to say I never heard back from him. I wrote a lengthy email when I first read his bill citing specific examples of how this bill could by abused by those willing to be dishonest in their asking for assistance in RFL's. This is one bad bill for everyone. No consequences were provided for those who are dishonest. There should at least be a Jesse Smullet provision in the that prosecutes the dishonest petitioner with hard punishment.
The whole problem is: These laws are just one more brick in the wall to removing guns from US law abiding! Look around at all the anti gun laws on the books ( 35,000 nation wide to be exact) and yet look at all the crime we still have! 35K gun laws, and yet here we are, making more gun laws! My point is, this Red Flag law is one of those rare Laws that criminally removes your rights, and that list is growing!


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