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Nevada Governor Sisolak Signs Controversial Gun Bill Into Law

Yea, this won't get abused at all! I can see the law suits already, the law is ambiguous at best, and so vague as to " Allow" any one to infringe for any reason at all, all with out due process! This stuff is maddening to say the least!
Well, as long as it is always enforced like immigration laws in CA or NM.... no problem. But you know full well it won’t be that way.

“We found a parking ticket with your name on it from 1962, so we need to collect your firearms because you are an obvious danger to yourself and society. We do not care that you weren’t born until 1965....”
This should come as no surprise to the people of Nevada who elected representatives from a political party that uses gun control as a smokescreen to avoid dealing with the greater issues that give rise to the tragedies they seek to neutralize with their legislation. This political strategy is not new nor is it isolated to a single political party or this agenda item.

Rarely do politicians point to the need for legislation to address the criminals and the mentally unstable who should be their greatest concern if they truly wanted to address public safety. Constituent misdirection gets easier and easier as voters eat up the misinformation and disinformation fed to them daily by media outlets.
The County government where I live has voted my County to be a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County." This means the County Sheriff will not enforce any laws that diminish the Second Amendment. Mine is not the only one; I sort o' think all but Washoe (where Reno is located) and Clark (where Vegas is located) are also sanctuary counties. Those of us who live out in the sticks have no use nor need for gun-control laws. Idiocy like that is reserved for places where the weapon is blamed for the crime-- not the person who actually committed the crime...


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