Guns and Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Firearm Laws & Legal' started by billt, Dec 1, 2017.

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    I understand and believe all you have said. However it changes nothing in regards to it's legality at the Federal level.
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    you'al have chased the subject around the palm trees to the point it is about to turn into ghee...
    couple of points to consider:
    1. illegal
    a. which means can't buy firearms if you admit you use or have a card on the 4473.
    b. those that sell in their states are not permitted to put their proceeds into any federal banking institution.
    c. get caught carrying under the substance influence or use your firearm in a SD situation your do do is really in a wringer.
    d. can't cross state lines w/your legal substance.
    2. this country's war on drugs has been going on 51 years and not one iota has been accomplished!
    3. one country in this world has legalized their substances and taxable monies goes to rehab...their experiment has been quite successful.
    4. this country's substance abuse mental health intervention modalities are a joke with successfully recidivism across the board runs at about 5-8 percent. myriad of reasons, main one centers around an inability to change the abuser's environment where they return back to the same stressors and 'friends' who are selling and main reason...abusers do not wish to quit as there is no incentive except to satisfy the judicial oversight after they got caught.

    eh, that's enough
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