Sometime back I gifted my Coyote gun to a grandson. I thought it would be a quick trip to the LGS to replace it! But a Summer of Riots, Covid, and then an election that did not go our way made guns near me scarce, and any in 223 impossible to get!
So last month I found a like new Savage Axis in 223. I expected it to go for under $300 but paid $350. Guy kicked in a scope and a couple extra mags, so not too bad.
I did not have high expectations for a cheap rifle in a mushy plastic stock, but I was impressed after I shot it!

These are the last two groups I shot. Both 5 shot groups, using 55 gr Rem off the shelf ammo. they measure .073 and .080 [ just over and just under 3/4"!
I can't wait to get it into a laminated wood stock. That and a spring change in the trigger should have this one shooting much better!
I was surprised at what it would shoot with nothing more than just cleaning the barrel. DR

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