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    I'm a member of several BRAND based forums, and find them a bit of a P I T A . There are always several self nominated KNOW IT ALLS that everybody kowtows too, even when their entirely wrong, or their opinion is far fetched. Of course when theyre wrong or overbearing, everyone kisses their donkey.

    I'm hoping that this non BRAND based forum will offer a place for discussion of any brand or style of firearm, and that the self proclaimed experts stick to their own (limited) area of specialty. I know there are many AZ residents on the other forums, and I hope they'll come on over and help this forum grow and prosper.
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    Over the past years I have been a member on many gun forums & I've been kicked off some as well. I've even been temporarily banned from Joe's other forum a few times (or more). Even though gun sales have been constantly through the roof, it has been my contention that the majority of gun sales are due to us gun addicts buying up multiple weapons. As a result, I don't believe there are a lot of 'new shooters' out there seeking gun forum membership.
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    I believe beliefs are fine when expressed as a belief. It is when the belief becomes expressed as a factual statement that problems seem to me surface. I like S&W and .357 magnum revolvers. I am in the minority these days, but I still like them and carry them. People can declare a 9mm, or .45 semiauto to be the best hand gun all day long, and I will smile and hope they realize that it is simply their belief, and others might have a different belief.
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    You're absolutely right. This means I need to do everything I can to make sure this is the best forum for shooters of the Southwest :)

    Well said. People who state opinions as fact are annoying at best.

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