First some background.

In 1911's currently have 3 Colts. More specifically a Colt Rail Gun, a"100 years of service" GI series 70 Government model, and (I don't know if this qualifies) a Colt Defender "lightweight". Also there's an Ed Brown Kobra that resides in the safe next to them. That is when it's not either being shot or on my hip. I love 'em all and I'd be hard pressed to pick out my favorite.

The wife has told me to go ahead and get an Ed Brown Executive Carry. But my issue is do I "pull the trigger" on this or given how much gold has taken a nose dive these past several weeks get a couple of ounces? My thoughts are basically it's on sale.

Because I never grow tired of looking at 1911's I figured I post these two:


(sorry for the crappy smart phone pics)
Come a collapse, the gun will be worth more than a couple ounces of gold. If you have ammunition, food and firearms, you can trade for all the gold you might want.

That said, if this is for a retirement fund, buy the gun. :D

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