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Pelosi (Italian: [peˈlo.zi]) is an Italian surname meaning 'hairy' (masculine plural).
It may refer to the following people:

Alexandra Pelosi (born 1970), American journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer, and daughter of Nancy Pelosi
Christine Pelosi (born 1966), American political strategist and daughter of Nancy Pelosi
Claudio Pelosi (born 1966), Italian football striker
Daniel Pelosi (born 1963), American convicted murderer
John Pelosi (born 1956), Scottish football right winger
Marc Pelosi (born 1994), American soccer midfielder
Nancy Pelosi (born 1940), the 52nd speaker of the United States House of Representatives
Paul Pelosi (born 1940), American businessman, sports executive, and husband of Nancy Pelosi
Roberta Pelosi (born 1960), Italian sport shooter
Ron Pelosi (born 1934), American politician and brother-in-law to Nancy Pelosi
Salvatore Pelosi (1906–1974), Italian Naval officer who fought in World War II

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