The P-64 is a Polish semi-automatic pistol designed to fire the 9×18mm Makarov cartridge. The pistol was developed in the late 1950s at the Institute for Artillery Research (Polish: Zakład Broni Strzeleckiej Centralnego Badawczego Poligonu Artyleryjskiego, which later became the Military Institute of Armament Technology, Polish: Wojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia w Zielonce—WITU) by a team consisting of: W. Czepukajtis, R. Zimny, H. Adamczyk, M. Adamczyk, S. Kaczmarski and J. Pyzel. The P-64 is also known as the CZAK (an acronym of the designers' last names with the exception of J. Pyzel, who joined the team after the name had been established).

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    Polish Radom P64 Pistol - Great Condition

    Historic 1970 Polish P-64 pistol manufactured in the infamous Radom Plant, Semi-Auto, Comes with 1 mag, 9x18 Makarov ammo. Prevents picking enemy ammo up and reusing it. This is one of the best condition P-64's I've seen on the market, We have been seeing crates of these come along and soon they...
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