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I'm looking to buy any (empty) milsurp storage crate that can hold a decent amount of long guns. The Mosin Nagant crates of old are an excellent example of this. My goal is to more neatly store my milsurp collection as well as have some decorative furniture in my place, as well as to neatly move my collection should I need to move to another abode.

Of course, I will be willing to drive to come pick it up at the public location of your choice. I can do a bill of sale if you would like.

My price range is:

1) $150 in cash if further away
2) $200 if closer by to where I live in Glendale
3) >$200 If the condition of said storage crate is is especially nice.
4) Variable price if not a Mosin storage crate but likely close to $200 depending on which milsurp rifles it was originally supposed to contain and the condition.
5) Alternatively, I can also trade other accessories such as ammunition if so desired, or even a milsurp rifle (a bill of sale and AZ DL/ID check will definitely be required if this is the case).

Contact Email: [email protected] (preferred, please mark with red important exclamation mark so I see it)
Contact by Text: 562-716-1493 (text only, will probably be delayed)

The attached pictures are just for reference (not looking to purchase a Mosin or a milsurp rifle at the moment)

Thank you for your time,


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