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I'm posting this for my son. I have personally watched Ziggy for a few weeks and can confirm everything stated below.
Due to my travel, I can't take him as much as I want to. Anyone with property and wanting a good watch dog, Ziggy would fit right in. If you have other male dogs, not so much. The black lab in the 5th picture is a female and she loves playing with Ziggy.

Here are the details:

We have a ~1yr 9mo old male dog that we think is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer mix (60lbs) who is in need of a new home. His name is Ziggy and he is an incredibly sweet boy! He loves to be chased around the yard and enjoys playing with toys of all varieties. Ziggy is extremely loyal and loves to be with his people - he especially loves cuddles on the couch or in bed (if you'll let him). He is fully potty trained and knows basic commands like sit, high five, lay down, stay (and some others he's okay at that we've been working on). He does decent on walks but is still working on being calm when seeing other dogs. Ziggy is crate trained for when he's left home alone and does well in the crate at night too. He is neutered, micro-chipped, and up to date on all his vaccines.
He unfortunately is not getting along with our other dog who is an older male and after trying a few different things we've come to the very difficult decision that it would be best for them to be separated. His tiff with our other dog is unusual, as he typically gets along well with other dogs, especially females that are about his age (he has a couple of cousin dogs that he regularly plays with and absolutely loves them). Because of this, we believe it would be best for him to go to a home with no dogs or 1 female dog. He has not been around cats before so not sure how that would go but given his love for chasing wildlife I would guess cats might not be an ideal companion for him. He loves his people dearly and is very affectionate and loyal. He can be a bit hesitant of new people but once he warms up he's a cuddly sweetheart!
Again, this was a very difficult decision but we think it will be best for Ziggy. We want to make sure he goes to a good home where he will get all the love and cuddles he needs!


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