Tucson Mountain Park Range Review

I had the privilege to visit the range in Tucson Mountain Park with my son and daughter-in-law to shoot 22LR pistols and rifles.
I wasn't sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.

They have 12 benches well spaced and configured to shoot on the left or the right from sitting or standing position. I didn't ask if prone shooting is allowed and it might be covered on their webpage. The target stands have cardboard backers that will get replaced as needed. The ranges all have slots for the stands spaced at standard distances. Benches 11 & 12 go to a maximum of 50 yards and have slots marked at 5, 10, 15 and 15 yards though I could be wrong. The spacing was perfect for a new shooter learning control and aim before advancing to a farther target. Tape is provided to make sure targets stay put. Rugs, carpet covered 4x4 blocks, and sand bags are provided to assist with making a rest.

Benches 1-10 have a maximum distance of 100 yards as well as the same setup for short ranges.

The range officers are thorough as well as adapting to new shooters. I was impressed. This is a good place to shoot as well as teach someone starting out.

My daughter in law was hitting an 8in circle at 10 yards in no time. My son was hitting the center of a 50 yard target as well. I was very proud.

The website is thorough. While phone numbers are provided, don't expect a call back. Everyone there is working.
Masks are required but that is a small inconvenience considering this county park is open and staffed. Not all parks get to make that claim.
Fees are very reasonable at $6 per shooter. Cash or cards accepted. They even sell targets though you can bring your own. Note that no facial features are allowed.
Older targets with Hostages and Hostage takers, facsimiles of people, even zombies will not pass if eyes & noses are visible.
Silhouette targets with shapes and not features are allowed. Choose to complain or accept this simple compromise to preserve our shooting resources. I think Pima County is making the right choice here.

I compete in club matches at my primary club in Oregon and plan to do the same in Tucson at some point.
For now I'm very pleased with the ability to shoot in an awesome outdoor setting. Ammo is the only challenge at this point. We went through 200 rounds in no time.

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