Alas, no cable here in the new Fletch Cave. But if it's anything like the last one I may end up watching it online. Some of those shots are beyond awesome.
Yeah I've heard this season is much better than the previous seasons, in that they focus more on the shooting and less on the drama. I prefer to wait until the season is over then watch it on OnDemand so I don't have to wait a whole week between episodes :)
Not rooting for anyone in particular yet, but the opening bit really has me looking forward to some of the coming episodes, looks like they're bringing out the good toys again :)

anyone watching the spin-off "Top Guns" show? Seems to be a drama free gun show, first episode they shot an M1 carbine, M14 and a Mosin Nagant..looked like a fun range day
Never heard of the Top Guns show. One thing I have to say is I really enjoy how many gun shows there are on television now. Seems like every time I turn on the tube a new one has popped up.

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