Sup people, I brought beer!

New to the site, not so much to the shooting sport.
Been here in Arizona 38 years, love the state, no place else I’d rather be.
Interesting place you guys have here, I’ve already seen a couple of posters I recognize, it may be a big area, but a tight shooting community.


I made some beer; four gallons of American Porter. Bottled it yesterday. I dry-hopped it, which left a floating scum of sewage solids on the top surface of the wort. I lost about a gallon of beer to avoid getting the floating garbage into my bottling bucket; had to add water to bring the volume back up to four gallons. Had I not added the water, the amount of priming solution I already had stewed-up would have over-carbonated the final product. I expect what I'll drink around mid-January will be relatively tasteless for a Porter. I learned from this effort to never dry-hop again; the floating crap sacrifices too much product. I used Fermentis Safale US-05 yeast, which seemed to completely ferment the batch in seven days. My airlock showed no activity. It's bottled in one-liter, plastic Coke bottles, and is conditioning at room temperature. I'll let our readers know how this batch turned-out...
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