Nevada Senate Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana Users To Own Guns

The Nevada Legislature is looking at several bills regarding marijuana and firearms. SB351 does both. If passed, the bill would allow users of medicinal marijuana to purchase or possess a firearm. That is prohibited under current state law.

"People have come to me and said 'This isn't fair. Can you guys at least hear us out?' So, it's an opportunity to hear folks out and see where we need to go with it," Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, D-North Las Vegas said.

Atkinson is the sponsor of the bill. He says as marijuana laws continue to evolve, the drug should be viewed differently when it comes to purchasing guns.

"You look at everything else an individual can be on, including alcohol and everything else and it's not an immediate disqualifier," Atkinson said. "I think it should be looked at and it shouldn't be an immediate disqualifier for individuals who are responsibly or responsible or even taking it medically."

While the bill would change Nevada law, it would contradict federal law. If it passes, gun dealers say it would not change how they conduct business because they are regulated by the federal government.
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