Preparedness Challenge - BOV Camouflage

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    Here are the rules and judging criteria:

    You must be a member of either or
    Entries must be posted on either board no later than Sept 31 2012. Awards will be announced by Oct 15 2012

    1) Pick an area that is an example of your BO environment
    2) Camouflage your vehicle using any materials (you may use anything, things you bring, things you keep in the vehicle, things you find in the environment)
    3) Keep track of the time it took to camouflage your vehicle
    4) Take pictures (pictures should include front/back/side/side including the top if possible) close up, and also take a few from a distance.(the pictures do not need to be high-res, and for the sake of the board, don't post pictures over 800x600 resolution.)
    5) Post pictures and the time it took.

    The prizes:

    Since I'm putting together this challenge, I'm the judge, and I'm also giving away some prizes.

    First prize is a set of quick wrenches for Hi-Lift jacks (made by my company) these work with the Hi-Lift ORK and include all the common sizes needed for using and maintaining your jack. I will also throw in an AR-15 or AK-47 single point adapter (your choice).

    Second prize AR-15 or AK-47 Single point Sling adapter.

    Third prize a magnesium fire starter from harbor freight.
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    Very cool! I'm looking forward to this :)

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