Postal Match - Comments?

So to spice things up a bit here... I thought it would be a good idea to have a monthly postal match.

So here are the rules... Someone should post an idea for a match, you go out to the range, and shoot the match, and post a pic of your target here. For ease of use, I will use a target that walmart carries, or post a link to a PDF of the target for your use. If you can't find one of the targets, PM me, and I will mail you one.

This is on your honor, and there are no prizes (ok, maybe bragging rights), just an excuse to get out to the range and do something different.
I like the idea of an informal postal match. But, we may need a little more activity on the site, before we have enough active members to get more than 2-3 people involved.

I think any readily-available target would work, with a few scenarios that we all vote on prior to the match.
Something like:
A - 5 shots into the Ace of Spades (playing card) at 100 yards - any firearm.
B - 10 shots into XXX target at 25 yards - handguns only.
C - 1 shot at a baseball at 100 yards, offhand - any firearm.
D - 5 shots, best group, 50 yards - iron sights only.
E - 5 shots, best group, 100 yards - rimfire only.
F - Other ideas?
Sadly, the airgun I have is significantly louder than my .22, so my neighbors get a little huffy with me about that.
reviving a dead thread here.... One of the more fun things we used to do at PPC matches as an after match shoot or tie breaker was a poker shoot.

we would tape the cards face down onto the target and send it down range to 10 or 15 yards - same cards for everyone shuffled so they weren't in the same order on any one target intentionally. You had 5 shots - best hand won.

Not sure how this would translate to a postal match though

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