Arizona Legislature OKs legalization of martial arts weapon

I saw Senator Marin Quezada on that list from a small district in West Phoenix that I happen to be a citizen. I read a story a few short weeks ago. The link for the story I found here at Southwest. Only this time it was our Second Amendment that was his play toy. I'll be passing the letter around cause this want-2-bee has got to go. The letter:
Senator Marin Quezada
I just read a statement of yours that read as follows. "The STEM shooting in Denver is yet another byproduct of the failure of politicians to take a stand against the gun lobby and value children’s lives over guns. Legislative action is needed now. The governor and the legislature has an opportunity to do something meaningful for the people of AZ and reduce the chances this scene could be repeated here in our state. Will they have the courage to take action? Sadly, probably not. The special interest gun lobby will win again and our children will continue to grow up believing that drills to prepare for school shootings are normal."
I have a real problem with any politician using the death of children to go against the Constitution and it's Bill of Rights. You know the Constitution you swore to honor and defend? I have a problem with dishonorable men telling me they want to protect me by taking the tools I would use to protect myself and family. I see these people as tyrant want-2-bees who know tyrants can't have absolute rule over an armed population. It has nothing to do with some Gun Lobby so stop pretending it does. It has to do with my God given rights and want-2-bee tyrants trying to steal those rights.
A tyrant want-2-bee will never admit the complete failure of the Gun Free Zone. These crazed killers know it is a place they can run up a large body count without fear of any harm coming to them. But I'm to believe you don't have a clue. Arizona has not had a school shooting. Do you think it just might be our Second Amendment is still the way our founders intended it to be? You are a threat to Arizona, my family, and my God given rights. For that reason I will do everything in my power to make sure you are not re-elected. The 29th District isn't that big and I have a lot of friends I will be showing your anti-Constitutional statement. I also have the option of printing your statement out delivering it door to door. Arizona doesn't need ones as you.


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