WTS ARIZONA Hornady Lock n Load Classic Single Stage Kit w/Extras

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    I bought this for my father, who said he was interested in starting to reload. Years later, he still has never used it. To the best of my knowledge it has everything you need to start. I've even got some extra stuff in there as well. I'm looking for $250 for everything. Reloading 1.jpg
    Hornady Lock n Load Single Stage Press
    Powder Measure
    Digital Scale
    Hand Priming Tool
    Loading Block
    Primer Catcher
    One Shot Spray Lube

    Reloading 3.jpg
    I've also got
    500 Federal Small Pistol Primers
    Speer 38/357 Shot Capsules
    Hornady #30, #45, and #14 Shell Holders
    Hornady LNL Die Set for 9mm and .38/357 Magnum
    An RCBS Rotary Case Trimmer Pilot .41 Caliber Reloading 2.jpg

    I also have a large bin with a ton of brass and ammunition blocks. I believe there are some bullets as well. Mostly 9mm/45ACP/.223 brass with some other calibers mixed in.

    I am located in Mesa and would prefer to meet around here. I am open to offers. Thanks!

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