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    I've been wanting an air gun that was as close as possible to the size of my carry M&P9c. This Crosman C11 is a decent compromise.
    I have 5 acres of desert and can get away with shooting BB's with no complaints. I've wanted to do some training that you mostly can't do at the range. Hiding behind cars, buildings, and trees. Shooting on the move in any direction is a challenge too. I have to keep reminding myself to pay attention and avoid collateral damage. People in the real world, windows or pets here at home.
    Back to the C11. It easily penetrates steel cans @ 7 yards, and is surprisingly accurate. The sights are plain black, which I like for practice. Now, white dots look like runway lights on my carry guns. When firing I sort of simulate recoil/muzzle rise. The trigger has crazy long take up, but does have a decent feel a the firing point. The mag holds 20 shots, but I'm loading 18 now after a couple of feed jams. All and all, I like the opertunity to make holes in stuff here at home..... and train with something where you gotta be a little careful.

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