As this area is for full auto weapons, posted here, if not right place, the mods can move or delete.

This 1989 Finnish movie is about the Russian/Finnish winter war of 1939 and can be viewed for free on Youtube. It is over three hours long and found the Finnish guns interesting as well as the action.

In addition to the Ubiquitous Mosin Nagants, the M31 "SUOMI" Finnish submachine chatters away.(later the Russians more or less did a cheaper copy of it with their PPSH) Also the 7.62x54 Lahti light machine gun, which for a minute thought was a copy of the BAR.

Warning, considerable amount of violence, blood and guts. Also with the Youtube app on our Vizio TV apps bar, so in the search option, typed in "Talvisota - The Winter War" and via Vizo wireless to Internet connection was able to watch it on the big screen.


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