.45 Long colt, Ruger new model Blackhawk

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    Howdie folks,
    Just a quick drop by for some information. I possess a Ruger new model black hawk. 4 5/8 barrel in blue. Have not shot it much. However, I am looking for a .45 long colt configuration reload that will test the limits. I would like to push a 200 grain projectile to about 1300+ FPS. Purpose being Black bear medicine capable of dissuading a 400+ pound big boar black bear.
    My questions are, Will a .45 ACP RCBS die load Long colt? Best powder to use, and of course, how much powder to get the designed results.
    I realize pushing such a load would lead and foul the barrel with Lead cast rounds, so I will limit these loads to Copper jacket. I also realize that such power would not be advised for the health of the weapon. It will not be a steady diet. My intent is to master accuracy with this load and use for personal protection in Bear country. Your commentary would be greatly appreciated.

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