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Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS, also known as Western Action Shooting, Single Action Shooting, Cowboy 3-Gun, and Western 3-Gun) is a competitive shooting sport that originated in the early 1980s, at the Coto de Caza Shooting Range in Orange County, California. Cowboy action shooting is now practiced in many places with several sanctioning organizations including the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), Western Action Shootists Association (WASA), and National Congress of Old West Shooters (NCOWS), Single Action Shooting Australia (SASA), as well as others in the United States and by other countries around the world.
Cowboy Action Shooting is a type of multigun match utilizing a combination of handguns, rifles, and shotguns in a variety of "Old West-themed" courses of fire for time and accuracy. Participants must dress in appropriate theme or era costumes, as well as use gear and accessories as mandated by the respective sanctioning group rules.

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