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I bought this gun with the hopes of getting into ELR shooting. I have yet to buy glass for it, therefore it hasn't even been fired. I am selling because I could use some extra cash for life stuff. I won't budge on the price because it retails for $2,500. I got it for $2,100 +tax. I added bipods and scope mount(Warne 34mm), I am also including 40 Hornady 250gr bullets and 40 Underwood 300gr bullets. I am okay with taking a small loss on the price of the extras and as long as I can get the full price of the gun itself. All in all it's a win for you as you get to buy a brand new gun while skipping the sales tax and fees and you also get a set up ready to fire after you mount your own scope.

Comes with two magazines

Original box was destroyed by a dog unfortunately.

Buyer will need to be okay with signing a bill of sale. Cash only!

Willing to trade if you have a new model Ruger Marlin 45-70 govt. No other trades wanted.


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