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Hi Andy you sure get around. LOL
I grew up in AZ and lived in the Prescott area for most of my adult life, now I'm down where you know me from, in CJ OR.
I guess Joe just couldn't run this show without you.
Did you make it down to the Grants Pass BP shoot last month?
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Howdy Gabby...!
Nope old Joe , He sez to me . Andy I need yer help in keepin' them feller's in line...so here I am ...LOL
I wanted to get down to Grants Pass...not in the cards , this year , maybe next year...
Hey I was wondering how can I edit my threads and posts, for example, I have some items for sale and I sold some stuff and want to go in and re edit the ad to remove the items I sold, remove their photos and language so people won't contact me about those items that sold, but I used to be able to edit and now the new format there is no edit tool, thanks for your help!