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I am camping at Lake Mead before heading to Yuma for the winter. I sold my house in FL and downsized to a 1982 40' bus. I'm going to try and sell the bus this winter and move to something smaller and quicker before heading to Alaska in the spring.

This machine was bought new a couple years ago by a friend and I was present 90% of the time he used it. When he needed back surgery I bought the machine from him. In July I used the machine to process about 10k of 223 brass and prime about 4500 of it with no problems. It just sat on the bus while I traveled until the last couple days and I processed approx 1000 308 cases (deprime, resize, trim, wash and prime) and primed 1600 45ACP cases. Unfortunately it is time for me to part with it in order to continue traveling.

I would like to sell as one lot but I would consider selling the press & autodrive without all the accessories if necessary. I don't want to split the press and autodrive.

I am asking $6000 for the following (I will entertain reasonable offers by PM):

Dillon Super 1050 press with case feeder with small rifle, large rifle and large pistol plates.
Mark VII Pro autodrive with speed up to 2400 (According to Mark VII website Pro now does 3500 as of April 2019 - a firmware upgrade might upgrade machine but I'm not upgrading firmware before sale as machine works perfectly now and 2400 is very fast)
Mr. Bullet Feeder setup for 223
Dillon RT1500 trimmer with 223, 300BO and 308 trim dies (all carbide)
Dillon 223, 300BO (NEW), 308 (NEW), and 45ACP (NEW) 3 Die Carbide Dies
Fast & Friendly brass 9mm, 45ACP/308, 223 upgraded shell plates
2 Regular 1050 Toolheads and one Short Trim Toolhead for 300BO
2 Powder dispensers (one is new)
1 Toolhead stand
Mr. Bullet Feeder 308 Conversion kit (new)
Redding 223 Seat & Crimp die (this is necessary for Powder alarm - we couldn't get it consistent so we ran Dillon 223 Seat die & crimp die without powder alarm)
Dillon Powder alarm for Mark VII - we never really used - we loaded 26.1gr of Win748 for 55gr so no chance of Double and even a compressed load wouldn't Kaboom IMO
Lyman Neck Expander die for 223 and 300BO (I'm keeping the 308 one I just bought)
Hornady powder scale - I just turned on, calibrated and confirmed accuracy with a 168gr SMK bullet
Hornady 1911 Primer tube loader (new - sealed) with 2 LG & 2 Small tubes
5 Dillon Small & 5 Dillon Large primer tubes (3 new each)
I just converted Dillon over to large primer with brand new parts, the original small primer parts are included
Primer sense sensor replaces old primer cup with a clear tube to milk container or similar - the sensor works well if you keep it clean with compressed air
I'm including the Mark VII swage sense primer pocket swagers in small and large - we didn't like and used Dillon rods which small and large are also included

You have everything you need to prep 223, 300BO and 308 cases. You are ready to load 223 ammo and may need a couple small Dillon parts to load 300BO and 308 cases. You need the adapter from case feeder tube to plunger for 45ACP (I used the 308 one but had to babysit it) and a couple other parts to load 45ACP. My notes indicate $65 in parts for 45ACP and $130 in parts for 9mm (plus dies for 9mm). I also didn't buy any of the Dillon tools such as wrenches or allen keys and I am not including any of my own but they are common sizes that most people will have.

The parts to use the press without autodrive are included except for the primer cup (replaced by primer sensor and clear tube) - I found the bracket but not the primer cup.

As you can see in the photos there is some corrosion on the base of the Dillon stand and a horizontal support. This was caused by a bottle of hand soap or a bottle of shampoo falling out of my unsecured pantry on the opposite side of bus when I took the bus to be serviced. I cleaned up the area at the time the best I could but obviously some residue remained. The corrosion is very light on the surface and I debated treating it with something and repainting before selling but I didn't want someone to think I was trying to cover it up. The only other issue is the Trimmer exhaust manifold that attaches to vacuum hose to the case trimmer for shavings has a ziptie holding one side where the screw goes but it closes up tight with the screw on the other side. Dillon will sell you a new one for $24 but mine works fine.

I am leaving Lake Mead in about a week for Yuma if the weather forecast holds. I can answer questions by PM or I'll PM my phone number. I can do a Google Duo video chat to show you the machine operation. I can deliver the machine in the greater Las Vegas area for the next week or a little further for the right deal or you can come here to Government Wash at Lake Mead and pick it up. If you in Kingman, AZ or Lake Havasu City I will be passing through on the way to Yuma. If you are more than an hour away from any of the areas and are willing to drive within an hour we can meet up.

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